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CellSum Records Proudly Presents:


The New Empress of Rock and Roll


The CD


An outstanding compilation of this platinum and gold record winner's best work to date.


Archetype features these great hits:

  • Tattoo Vampire
  • Break The Chains
  • Get Out Of Town
  • Survival
  • Carry My Own Weight
  • Tumblin' Down
  • Room To Rage
  • Brotherhood Of Outlaws
  • Self Defense
  • Loud Crowd
  • Destinations Unknown
  • Double Tongue
  • Helen Of Troy
  • Katharine
  • Niagara Falls

72 minutes of rip roaring rock


Archetype is a compilation of material that spans this eclectic performer's twenty year career. Ms. Wheels co-penned every song on this remarkable collection. The depth and vision of her work shines bright in Archetype, as she hones in with steel-bladed accuracy on the gritty realities of everyday life and every woman's dreams of love. Archetype reincarnates the best from the beginning of this outstanding artist's musical career and gives birth to a mature awakening of new purpose and definition. Two brand new bonus tracks crown this retrospective: "Tatoo Vampire," recorded with The Brain Surgeons, and "Niagara Falls," recorded with The X Brothers.

"Archetype heralds my grand entrance back into the world of music," Helen Wheels said when asked about this marvelous anthology of her award winning work. "I am currently in the studio, hard at work on another CD with The Skeleton Crew. It proclaims and documents my new beginning. Some of this material is included in upcoming gigs. So, come see and hear me for yourself."

When asked about her lifelong love for music, Ms. Wheels said, "I love the communication of rock and roll. You can sing a song around the world. Sing a song into tomorrow."

Helen Wheels, winner of platinum and gold records, won the ASCAP award for Best New Writer and Publisher and was nominated for "Best Heavy Metal Band" in the first ever New York City Music Awards.

Ms. Wheels currently resides in upstate New York. She performs regularly with "The Skeleton Crew."

Albert Bouchard, Deborah Frost (creators of Cellsum Records and Executive Producers of "Archetype") and Helen Wheels.


Executive Produces: Albert Bouchard and Deborah Frost. Production Assistant: Kim Draheim. Cover Art was created by renowned cartoonist R. Crumb.

Copyright 1998 by 2HelenBack Music

Available now at your local music store or directly from HelenWheels.com! For the insider's look at the making of this fabulous new recording, visit Archetype Annotations.