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"Women need a new idol and that's definitely me and I don't blame them," says Veteran rock and roller, Helen Wheels, the subject of numerous interviews and profiles. Here she speaks out on her views regarding music, performing, her lifelong fans, her sources of inspiration, and the driving philosophy behind her life and artistry.



"Rock and roll is a celebration of freedom. I think it's a crime that the media hypes bands who create degeneracy, heroin, and communism. They're killing the youth of America."

"I like to think that kids may leave other rock shows to do drugs, but they leave mine to go weightlifting."

"If you follow your heart, your dreams will come true."

"I feel Helen Wheels is a part of me, but not all of me. It's my manner of expression...one of my manners of expression."

"....I'm really striving to always grow and express myself better and better. I don't have any inspiration as far as like other musicians or something like that.... Nature is an inspiration to me...the way a lot o things are in this country, are an inspiration to me. To help make it better and better and try to be a positive force. "What I see coming out of the media being stuffed down kids throats like how cool these junkie bands are, without mentioning any names but they sure put them out front. That's an inspiration to me because I want to kill that. To show kids that rock and roll is not about junk and drugs and being screwed up but that rock and roll is really a valid, and I think, the strongest artistic expression in the world today."

"I want to present positive values and imagery of strength. I try to sing songs that make people feel good about themselves, and I'd like to think that people leave my shows and get inspired to pump iron rather than to do drugs."

"Nature is my guide my goddess and my inspiration. There are incredible ideals in nature and perfection. I consider myself an inspired animal that has intelligence and gifts, but still is one of nature's animals. I think that's a good place to be. I think animals are quite perfect. Look to the highest heights and towards perfection to achieve goals. A leopard doesn't have to go to the gym to look like a perfect leopard. It just leads its natural life. Unfortunately, in New York City, there is no natural life. You have to create a way for yourself to achieve your best. And for me, that's to look towards thing to do it without thinking."

"I believe if you believe in yourself and your dreams and you can visualize them think about them and work towards them they'll happen. If you're positive, sooner or later you're just gonna shine through." She emphasizes, "*It's not something that happens without working towards it in the real world."

"I notice lots of individual people and I try to play to as many people as I can see individually. Anybody whose eye I can catch. This kid was an actual fanatic for the band, so someone like that I lean down, give him a kiss, pull him on stage and dance with him. Anyone who wants to get involved I love to get involved with. It's such a lousy business as far as what you have to get through to succeed, but the fans are what it's about. That's what gets me energetic."