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Posted: 5/23/99 11:21:05 AM
From: Helen Wheels
Subject: Welcome

Hi Welcome to my website, come back often we will try to keep things updated as much as we can. Hope to see you at a concert soon. Love Wheels

Posted: 01/02/2000 08:51:24
From: sarahritterpaulin
Subject: RE: Welcome and goodbye

I finally made it to your website, but you aren't there. Neither you nor Mamala asked MY permission to leave. Now how do I tell you both how much I love you? How do I explain the two of you to my kids? You haven't even met six of them! Thanks for unconditional love and much laughter. Keep warm with rock 'n roll. I love you. s

Posted: 01/02/2000 09:05:45
From: sarahritterpaulin
Subject: RE: Welcome and goodbye

I finally made it to your website, but you aren't there. Neither you nor Mamala asked MY permission to leave. Now how do I tell you both how much I love you? How do I explain the two of you to my kids? You haven't even met six of them! Thanks for unconditional love and much laughter. Keep warm with rock 'n roll. I love you. s

Posted: 8/25/99 4:55:37 PM
From: Barbara
Subject: Great New Site

Helen it has been such a pleasure getting to know you. Keep up the great work! and hope to see you soon on the stage!

Posted: 06/10/1999 22:41:42
From: wheels
Subject: RE: Great New Site

oh my Goddess!! I love the new set up Barb. great rockin' work. keep on. Keep on. Thanks for your incredible contribution. love, Wheels

Posted: 9/5/99 11:13:10 PM
From: Maggie
Subject: Your new CD


Are you working on a new CD now? Anything you can tell us about it? What's on it? Release Date?

Posted: 06/09/1999 17:02:55
From: helen wheels
Subject: RE: Your new CD

dear Maggie-

yes. we're going into the studio (Saxon Sound in Rochester) to begin our new cd, my first with the skeleton crew. It will include all the original material we are performing live, mostly new tunes I wrote with Kim. one by the drummer bob. 2 I resurrected from the past. also includes 'if you have ghosts' by roky erickson. very excited. currently in pre-production.

Posted: 25/09/1999 03:02:29
From: Helen Wheels
Subject: RE: Your new CD

Dear Maggie, Yes, we're now at work on the new cd. We've got a dozen rhythm tracks, mostly new stuff we wrote. I think it's some of my best writing. the rough tracks sound kickass. One track, Mutant Reaction, made the hair stand up on everybody's arms. We're raising funds for overdubs.

The cd will be mixed by Albert Bouchard (original Blue Oyster Cult drummer), my friend for 32 years, and a big influence on me.

Some of the tunes are Graveyard Down The Road, Five Dollar Fantasy,And Its A Drag, If You Have Ghosts,
Useless,A Lie Takes A Lie, Times Square Ain't There, Relentless, Holy Land

sorry it took so long to respond. I'm just getting the knack of this web page thing. Albert would call me a "newbie". where do you live? Helen

Posted: 25/09/1999 03:03:42
From: Helen Wheels
Subject: RE: Your new CD

Dear Maggie, Yes, we're now at work on the new cd. We've got a dozen rhythm tracks, mostly new stuff we wrote. I think it's some of my best writing. the rough tracks sound kickass. One track, Mutant Reaction, made the hair stand up on everybody's arms. We're raising funds for overdubs.

The cd will be mixed by Albert Bouchard (original Blue Oyster Cult drummer), my friend for 32 years, and a big influence on me.

Some of the tunes are Graveyard Down The Road, Five Dollar Fantasy,And Its A Drag, If You Have Ghosts,
Useless,A Lie Takes A Lie, Times Square Ain't There, Relentless, Holy Land

sorry it took so long to respond. I'm just getting the knack of this web page thing. Albert would call me a "newbie". where do you live? Helen

Posted: 9/6/99 5:18:42 PM
From: helen wheels
Subject: thank you web team!

very special thanks to my web team Laurine Ark, Barbara Baldwin, and Ben Ark. yeah, we're finally up and running. I have some new photos for you and a recent video. I'm up here with William in Rochester.

Posted: 9/6/99 5:19:34 PM
From: helen wheels
Subject: thank you web team!

very special thanks to my web team Laurine Ark, Barbara Baldwin, and Ben Ark. yeah, we're finally up and running. I have some new photos for you and a recent video. I'm up here with William in Rochester.

Posted: 9/11/99 10:30:38 PM
From: Jemmie
Subject: Wheels

Yo! Wheels is rolling again!

Posted: 25/09/1999 02:46:37
From: Helen Wheels
Subject: RE: back in black

Hey Jemmie where you writing from? I'm rolling indeed and picking up steam. started on new cd. recording in Rochester NY. Thanks for your interest! Helen Wheels

Posted: 9/17/99 1:38:07 PM
From: helen wheels
Subject: new cd

hey everyone

the Skeleton Crew goes into the studio 9/18 to begin tracks for our new cd! twelve tunes.

attention: upcoming show opening for the Buzzcocks (yes the original english punk group) watch for posting of venue in rochester, ny wheels

Posted: 9/17/99 10:14:10 PM
From: Eddie Vedder
Subject: Whipping...

...ladies *grins*

I'm listening to "Vitology" at the moment. Sorry to interrupt.

I'm not Eddie Vedder but unfortunately I'm as old as the sod. I also happen to like Neil Young. And Tom Petty. And Dave Matthews. And Sean Colvin.

Posted: 25/09/1999 03:11:12
From: helen wheels
Subject: RE: Whipping...

I like Neil Young. Whipping? What Whipping? Wheels

Posted: 9/24/99 5:59:23 PM
From: Ellen
Subject: Your new home on the web

Helen, great to see your back on the net... great looking website, but some of the links don't work yet. Probally still have your people working! right.

I'll be back!!!

Posted: 9/24/99 6:07:32 PM
From: Ellen
Subject: Your new home on the web

Helen, great to see your back on the net... great looking website, but some of the links don't work yet. Probally still have your people working! right.

I'll be back!!!

Posted: 9/24/99 6:10:36 PM
From: Ellen
Subject: Your new home on the web

Helen, great to see your back on the net... great looking website, but some of the links don't work yet. Probally still have your people working! right.

I'll be back!!!

Posted: 25/09/1999 02:42:10
From: helen wheels
Subject: RE: Your new home on the web

Yes, webteam still working on links. wheels

Posted: 9/24/99 6:13:53 PM
From: Ellen
Subject: Your new home on the web

Helen, great to see your back on the net... great looking website, but some of the links don't work yet. Probally still have your people working! right.

I'll be back!!!

Posted: 25/09/1999 02:40:29
From: helen wheels
Subject: RE: Your new home on the web

Hi Ellen--

yeah I'm back and better than ever. I love the new material. I've started my new cd (with my SKELETON CREW). My webteam, Laurine, Barb, and Ben, is indeed still working on the page. I hope to get up some sound clips, new pics, video??, expand photo archives etc. got some new video. Thanks for being there. Rock On. Helen Wheels

Posted: 10/12/99 2:07:59 PM
From: Tattoo Vampire
Subject: just dropping in to say hi!

Hello Helen! Any plans to play TV in concert?
Got turned to you through Blue Oyster Cult. Love
your sound, your look(the porttrait is stunning).
Cd's such as Archetype or the Brain Surgeons are a
much needed refreshing change of pace from the usual
commercial crap. Any plans to redo the other oyster
material that you wrote? BTW, TV is every bit as good
as the AOF version! If you ever need a bass player
don't hesitate to let me know! Anyway Love Ya!
"tattoo Vampire photo sucking the skin"-TV

Posted: 12/10/1999 14:10:48
From: Tattoo Vampire
Subject: RE: just dropping in to say hi!-eeks! forgive the

And that should be, "got turned on to you" not the
other way! Sorry!-TV

Posted: 13/10/1999 13:38:56
From: helen wheels
Subject: RE: just dropping in to say hi!

who are you tattoo vampire?????? Wheels

Posted: 13/10/1999 13:44:45
From: helen wheels
Subject: P.S.

p.s. thank you for the compliments. the stunning portrait is by Barbara Baldwin. yes there are plans to do some of my boc songs live. wheels

Posted: 18/10/1999 13:11:45
From: shedan@usa.net
Subject: RE: just dropping in to say hi!

Just a musician/writer, among many other things.
I go by the handle TV, on a BOC BB, it is one of my
favorite songs from AOF-TV

Posted: 12/2/99 7:52:53 PM
From: RogerQ
Subject: Where are you playing?

Where are you going to be performing this holiday season?

Posted: 12/12/1999 17:01:15
From: wheels
Subject: RE: Where are you playing?

hey Roger, where are you writing from re: shows oh well it will be springtime anyway. I have to have a big operation on my neck. I'm finishing up my vocals on the new cd, then I'll be out of commission for 2 months. wheels

Posted: 12/15/99 2:54:49 PM
From: james hopkins
Subject: seasons greetings from holly and james

be cool baby
love ya
holly and
captain prozac

Posted: 12/25/99 2:35:30 PM
From: thaddeus e fus
Subject: x-mas greeting and operation

Dear Helen, I'm at a friend's home using the computer to wish you Happy Holidays and asafe operation and a speedy recovery. Hope to see you soon.


Posted: 1/9/00 3:52:21 PM
From: thaddeus e fus
Subject: operation

Dear Helen

Posted: 1/10/00 6:29:46 PM
From: Judi S
Subject: Quick hello

Hi Helen,
Like I told you I am a computer illiterate but wanted to drop in and say hello. Hope by the time you get this you are feeling MUCH better.

Posted: 1/14/00 11:44:26 PM
From: rich
Subject: operation

wishing you a speedy recovery

Posted: 1/18/00 10:45:33 AM
From: Kevin
Subject: Helen's passing....


For all of my talk, words fail me right now. I received the news last night, it was almost as if I expected it after all that happened late last week. However, I did not want to believe it. We knew each other so briefly and yet you had become to mean so much to me. I looked forward to seeing you and Wil' together. Obviously you both had found your ultimate mate. It had become a pleasure to see these two people so obviously in love; so obviously a perfect match. I miss you Helen. You were remarkable.

Posted: 18/01/2000 17:03:50
From: kim
Subject: RE: Helen's passing....

I heard the news last night also...I still can't beleive I won't see your big grin when you come walking into the bar lookin' for William.I had such a great time getting to know you the past year and talking trash about crappy bands....You will surely be missed from the Krown,Helen....

Posted: 1/18/00 9:32:23 PM
From: Helen's Web Team
Subject: Helen's Passing

We are so saddened and sorry at the passing of our dear friend and member of the family, Helen Wheels.

We were with her up to the end, and for those who may wonder, thank The Universe, she passed quietly, surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Our grief is beyond measure. We try to take comfort in our memories of this remarkable woman, her unmatched generosity, and unconditional love.

See you later, Wheels....We'll miss you so much 'til then.

You've got all the answers now, baby.

Posted: 1/19/00 1:52:56 AM
From: ray
Subject: what a wonderful person

I was driving to a friends house this evening and I was listening to WICB's home brew and heard Taz say that he was going to play a song by Helen Wheels in her remembrance, because she had passed away yesterday. I was in shock. I knew Helen, not from her music, but as a friend.
I met her while I was working at the YMCA in Ithaca. I couldn't believe how such a small person can look like they could kick so much ass! I would work at the front desk and she would come down from the fitness room when she wasn't training anyone and we would talk about anything and everything. She was such a sweetheart. I would ask her about her musical career and just stare at her in amazement at the life this woman has led. After I got to know her a little better, she told me about her neck problems and how she had to have an operation. But she didn't convey the seriousness of it to me. I ran into Helen less than two weeks ago at the Y. She was her regular bright, shining self. I didn't know it would be the last time I would see her. I would have given her the biggest hug and kiss.
Helen Wheels was my friend. I will never forget meeting her and having a chance to get to know her. She will be missed by many people, including myself.
We Love You Helen.

Posted: 1/19/00 8:31:11 AM
From: John
Subject: Rest in Peace Helen - And Thanks For Your Music

I was very saddened to learn of Helen's passing. I can't say I ever knew her, but as a big fan of Blue Oyster Cult, I am well aware of her contributions to that band, as well as Albert Bouchard's band, "The Brain Surgeons". "Tattoo Vampire" is one of BOC's best tunes. I am listening to her CD *Archetype* in her memory right now.

I wish all of her family and friends, and those that knew her my sincere condolences for their loss.

And to Helen, I hope you are in a better place - and thanks for making my place here a better one with your music.

John Swartz
Editor, BOC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Oyster Cult)

Posted: 1/19/00 11:34:16 AM
From: Tattoo Vampire
Subject: R.I.P.

I never really had the pleasure to meet Helen in
person. I learned of Helen from being a BOC fan, she
contributed to the Cult in numerous ways, most obviously
her lyrics. I took my handle from the song title,
Tattoo Vampire. I'm sorry I never met her, and my
life is alittle more empty today, because she is gone!
R.I.P. Helen-TV

Posted: 1/19/00 5:04:39 PM
From: John Lettiere
Subject: Helen's Passing

I just heard about this terrible news lastnight.
I've only had the pleasure of meeting, and seeing
her perform twice, both time at CBGB's. I was amazed
by her energy and great disposition, friendly and
willing to talk about anything. We talked about her
Boa constictor.:) She was very cool, and will be missed.

My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

Posted: 1/19/00 5:12:54 PM
From: Becky King
Subject: Helen

I just heard the awful news. This is certainly a sadder world today. My condolences.

Posted: 20/01/2000 14:11:30
From: shelley williams
Subject: RE: Helen

what shocking news. i am saddened by this. although i've seen you perform, i've never had a chance to meet you personally. i just don't know what to say. my condolences to all.

Posted: 1/19/00 5:29:29 PM
From: Christopher
Subject: safe in heaven

Helen, I've known you for a long time, but we only met last year. I feel like I've lost a kindred soul but the music will remain in my heart. Peace. Now safe in heaven. Not really gone.

Posted: 19/01/2000 19:18:40
From: Brian
Subject: RE: safe in heaven

I feel lucky to have been able to see Helen and the Crew in concert. She contributed a lot to the intelligent toughness of BOC and The Brain Surgeons. And her own material is just as powerful. I'll end with a sentiment she wrote on my copy of Archetype that seems somewhat fitting, "Rock On!"

Posted: 1/20/00 3:30:42 PM
From: Helen's Web Team
Subject: This Board

This website will remain up for the foreseeable future. Let this Board and the Guest Book be a forum for fans and friends to leave messages and to help support each other through this terrible, needless, tragedy.

Rest assured, we are on top of this situation and we will let you know what we know.

Check back here often to see new things and get the latest news.

All messages that come in are sent to and viewed by family and mean a great deal to us. The support and love shown on this Board and the GuestBook are helping us through.

Grief is a process. It's okay to be angry, it's okay to be very sad. We're still in the shock/disbelief stage.

Feel free to leave as many messages as you wish. Times will be rough for a long time, so keep in touch and know that we love you all and appreciate hearing from you.

Posted: 20/01/2000 19:36:20
From: Rick
Subject: RE: This Board

My condolences to family, friends and to all that were close to Helen. I feel fortunate to have known her. I can write no more at this time...

Posted: 1/21/00 12:31:15 AM
From: tony
Subject: sorrow

It is a sad day ...another great has passed on .... words fail.... sorry is not enough .... life is too short .... rock on in Helen's name .... we will miss you

Posted: 1/21/00 6:43:50 AM
From: scardua
Subject: sorrow

Only the good die young
all the evil seems to live 4 ever

Posted: 1/22/00 4:47:54 AM
From: Nollaig
Subject: We all miss you in Rochester

Helen, I know you are on line where ever you are.
we miss you

Love Nollaig, Megan and the Lads

Posted: 26/01/2000 16:30:21
From: Todd a/k/a Lazlo
Subject: RE: We all miss you in Rochester

Ditto, Nollaig, ditto.

Posted: 1/22/00 8:35:19 AM
From: junclady
Subject: Love Always

Thank you for sharing yourself so thoroughly with us. This world was a brighter place because of you. I hope your work-in-progress here can be completed. My love and condolences to your family and close friends, most especially the Skeleton Crew who worked with her recently.
"Song is the laughter in our hearts made visible."

Posted: 1/23/00 10:41:37 PM
From: Brizo
Subject: My heartfelt condolances

I was so sorry , shocked and mostly mad when I read Helen had died. I had not met Helen, but am a long time fan of her music . I follow with interest and concern , news of the circle of BOC people, present and past. I had hoped to make it to New york one day and see one of those great shows, with Helen, The Brain Surgeons and the X Bros. What an ultimate bummer for so many, that Helen has died.

This is not to deflect from Helen's passing now, but I want to add that I am going through a tremedous loss at the death of my godson last June in a pipleine explosion. I feel very sensitive to tragedy , to accidental and needless deaths. I am mostly angry about Helen's death. It does really just piss me off to think that a vibrant, beautiful and talented woman, could have her life taken . I don't know the deatils and its none of my bussiness....but its looking like someone messed up . It makes me angry and it makes me so sad for the loved ones she left behind, to face not only her passing, but the shock seems so cruel and unfair. I am so sorry

I must sound crazy here....but I do want you to know, that there's one person in the west here, that sends her support and love, and I'll hold the anger too. The journey ahead will be a long one for Helen's loved ones. May you be graced by her spirit and the many memories of her life that you hold dear.

Posted: 23/01/2000 22:54:47
From: Bob
Subject: RE: My heartfelt condolances

I would just like to echo the condolences to all who knew Helen.
Like others I knew her through her BOC songs.
And am truly sad because I never related her to one of my favorite songs."Sinful Love"....
Take care and remember her...

Posted: 1/28/00 9:43:55 PM
From: Dave
Subject: inspiration

All of this is quite depressing. Really lacking for

But reading about Wheels plans and future, and seeing
the big current project was a book titled We Took Dawn
For Granted.

Well... how much of a wake up call is that?

Posted: 1/29/00 10:59:30 PM
From: WEEP
Subject: What a loss

The loss of Helen Wheels is a terrible tragedy. We had the pleasure of playing with this little ball of pure energy twice. Once we opened for her, and once she opened for us. She was such a pleasure to know, and such a warm and funny person. We were all stunned when we heard this news. Whatever the circumstances, she was taken way too soon. She will be sadly missed. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family and loved ones.

Posted: 1/29/00 11:50:26 PM
From: Heidi Petri
Subject: Helen will ALWAYS ROCK ON!!!

I have only just learned of Helen's death. I am in shock and disbelief and very much devastated, truly blown away. My heart goes out to her family, friends, and fans. What went so terribly wrong that this shining bright light could be extinguished? Her passing is too soon, too sudden and should not be.
Helen had been a major part of my life for many years. I just simply adored her and her music. Wherever she played I was there; the Ritz, CBGB's, Brighton Bar-countless places, names of which have been forgotten. I even found myself in some of her online photos, rocking and grooving to that muscle rock. Many times I have told the story of driving to Boston in the equipment van with Vinnie, Yik and a white German Shepherd named Cloud following her Porsche with Morrongiello at the wheel (and he was loving that German precision driving machine). I have no idea of the name of the club she played up there, I just had to be there. Passing up staying at the hotel with the funky escalators, only to dine at some bizarre café with Lee et al, on the ride home, I slept curled up on a Marshall amp. I had followed Helen and had been her loyal fan through many states (CT, NY, NJ, PA, MA…) and through many altered states of mind. I have many wonderful, fabulous memories of Helen, her music, her muscles, her shit-eating grin, her kick ass attitude, just her. I had been there for the different Helen Wheel band members; from Riggs, Morrongiello, Bouchard , Sargent Rock, Vasta, Lee…And yes, Helen, of course I still have the signed photo you sent me!
Though, for whatever reason we had lost contact, our worlds no longer crossed. Helen stopped playing, I had stopped rockin??, I don't know or remember when. I have always thought of Helen, often with fond memories (bringing a cooler fill of Haagen-Daz to Albert's birthday party and my Wheelie party in my mobile home for that gig in Totowa). Helen approved of my cats of which I named one after her. Thus, those in the cat fancy also knew of our Helen as I would gladly explain the name origin and show off the CD 'Archetype'. The little feline Helen Wheels went on to be best in region and earned herself an international award, as of course it should be. When 'little Helen Wheels' received her international award, the award presenter said, "and 19th Best International Household Pet Kitten goes to, and I just love this name… HELEN WHEELS!"
After many years, through the CD Helen sent Morrongiello, I found her again. I was telling her all about the CDC invading my home and she telling me about the horse she that she was riding. Just this past year, thankfully, Helen played good ol' CB's again and I made the trek to see her twice (just like the old days). I was fortunate enough to see her again, say hello, how the hell are ya???. Hey, Skeleton Crew! you guys (and gal) did her justice. Helen always did surround herself with world class musicians. Helen looked fab in leather (what else?). I didn't get the chance to meet all the band members but I do remember Kim (smoking!) and the string of naked Barbie dolls. I always meant to ask what was up with the doll's head on a spike (very Izzard). Showed Helen pics of 'little Helen.' Helen still with her fabulous set of wheels , kicking butt, wearing leather, sweating bullets on me, no problem.
And then we fell out of touch again. I knew her website had been down for a bit. I just went to check in on her, to see if maybe Helen would be back at CB's as I had been there for Ian hunter's kids recently. But then I saw. I did not believe. This is not real. Helen was so very much real. I truly wish I had been there for her, for the family, for me, to do something. To scream, to cry, to hug someone who will miss her and love her, who knows, who understands WHAT??? WHY??? Helen, how can you be gone-YOU WERE A FUCKIN' ROCK! HOW CAN THIS BE!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD???
Peter, if you read this, I am so very sorry, please accept my deepest condolences, sorrow and sympathy. I want to absorb some of the pain for you and take it away. I am afraid I missed any memorials, I want to be there, I need to be there. Please, let me know. She was so vibrant, so full of life!! She helped me to be me. I feel a part of me has died and has gone with Helen, however, I know of piece of Helen is my heart for now and always and beyond. My heart is crying for you Helen and for all those those you loved you. This just should not be.
You are embedded in me Helen, forever

Posted: 1/31/00 7:54:06 PM
From: LA
Subject: Wheels

I will think about you everyday til I see you again.

Posted: 2/2/00 3:41:38 PM
From: lilly
Subject: the first time i met her she let me into her house

the first time i ever met Helen i was on my bike trying to make it to a friends house but i took a wrong turn. Helen lived prety close to my house but i didnt know who she was or anything. but i was really lost so i stoped to ask for directions. Imediatly she let me into her house, offered me food and drinks. She told me how she was about to get married and how she's so exited about her new house that she just moved in. She never even mentiond that she was a super star. the next day i went to the store my mom works at and Helen was there. Apparently, my mom had become great friends with her and it was just a twist of fate that i got to meet her. I hope anyone that reads this now likes her a little more, because i will never forget how kind she was to a complete stranger.

Posted: 02/02/2000 19:50:23
From: Laurine
Subject: RE: the first time i met her she let me into her h


Helen talked about you also. I distinctly remember her telling me this story about your meeting. You had an impact of her life also. I am so glad you met her.

Helen's love was unconditional. Of all the things she taught me, that is probably the most important. I hope it will be for you too.

Thank you for this message and thanks for the email.


Posted: 2/2/00 10:55:05 PM
From: cousin dave
Subject: if you can hear me know

hi baby

Posted: 2/4/00 2:47:08 PM
From: Jim Martin
Subject: Remembering Helen Wheels

My sincere condolences to Helen's family - Peter, Allan,
Ann and Jim...

I am still in a shock over the news of Helen's death.

I only met her briefly, while I enjoyed the hospitality
of her entire family during a research visit to New York.
I never met a more close-knit, life-loving, and humor-filled
family. Her brother, Peter Robbins, had invited me to
stay at the house he shared with Helen. It was only after
I met her that I realized that I had probably seen her
in the late seventies at the Hot Club in Philadlphia. It didn't
take me long after arriving at Peter and Helen's house
to realize that Helen was a one-of-a-kind-type person.
As is Peter! We talked and laughed the whole time I was
there. I'll always remember when Peter received a videotape
from and English TV show for which he had been interviewed
about his ground-breaking UFO book "Left at East Gate".

He plugged it into the VCR and invited me and Helen to
watch his Big Moment, his brush with fame. As the show
progressed, there was no sign of Peter or the two-hours of
interview he did in England. A few segments passed without
any sign of Peter; instead the show kept returning to this
guy with these life-size green ET puppets, wobbling around
and looking ridiculous. Finally they cut to Peter, who was given
approximately 90 seconds of air time, then back to the alien puppets.

Peter, a theatrical sort of person, was understandably chagrinned to
find himself upstaged by puppets. (Recently, the movie,
"Being John Malkovich" expanded on this theme.) Helen, with a
twinkle in her eye, intones, "Those... puppets... are really *good*,
don't you think so, Peter?" Then she burst out in raucous laughter.
Peter, who is nothing if not a good sport, played along, and concurred,
yes, they were pretty good puppets... They went back and forth like a brother-sister
version of the Smothers Brothers and I thought
I'd choke myself from laughing.

I feel lucky to have known her just that one week, and I'll always
remember her as a beautiful, light-hearted woman with a great sense
of humor, who didn't have a mean bone in her body.

-Jim Martin

Posted: 05/02/2000 21:07:48
From: Laurine
Subject: RE: Remembering Helen Wheels

You're right, Helen did not have a mean bone in her body.

She always found "the good" in everyone and everything.

Posted: 2/9/00 7:56:52 PM
From: william
Subject: my sweetheart

helen..she-ra...i know you are reading this ..i just wanted to tell you that i miss you very much and love you forever..we will meet again as planned... love

Posted: 28/05/2000 22:15:18
From: Richard B. Cohen
Subject: RE: my sweetheart

Dear William,

I'm not quite sure how to do this e-mail.
I believe you know who I am.
Helen was the most extaordinary person I have
ever known. I too loved /loves her dearly.

The last time I spoke with Helen was on
October 28th. When Peter phoned me the sky fell
down....in January.

For both of us May 6th will remain a sacred

I have been in contact with Mariah of late.
I hope we can meet some day soon. I am so very
sorry for all you must be going through.

I know you are a very special person.


Posted: 2/10/00 11:14:36 PM
From: matthew abrams
Subject: missing you

Dear Helen,
It really makes me think about life when something like this happens. I remember just this past spring having dinner with you in Ithaca; you showing me around. All the beautiful plants, flowers, and fruits, so alive and thriving. You always knew how to live. You know there are people who live to be 105 years old who don't live the amount that you would in one day. We can all learn from you...Thank you, Matthew. I miss you -

Posted: 2/18/00 1:48:18 AM
From: SEAN
Subject: HW

So sorry to here of Hellens passing. Many of us have been huge BOC fans for almost 30 years. Love Hellen--Love BOC surely will miss

Posted: 2/22/00 4:34:21 PM
From: Todd
Subject: The "Memorial"

Thank you, Peter, for the wonderful opportunity to listen to those who knew Helen best share their experiences with her.

Among these speakers, I'd like to especially thank Albert Bouchard for the wonderful bittersweet stories about he and Helen. Without Albert's and the others' participation in this event, those of us who were unfortunate enough to meet Helen so recently would be deprived of so much.

Posted: 3/6/00 2:43:05 PM
From: rob cullivan
Subject: rest in peace, baby

Dear Helen,
I miss hanging out and having tea with you at the house. I know Cassidy, Leslie and William all miss you, too. I'm sorry things didn't turn out well after the operation, but I hope that you've found happiness in the next life. You are always in my prayers.
Love, Rob

Posted: 4/8/00 2:39:56 PM
From: Me
Subject: You

I think this might finally be beginning to sink in...what am I ever going to do without you in my life? I can't figure out how to handle this.

I receive your little messages, but I need to talk to you.

Posted: 4/8/00 10:23:53 PM
From: Chris Luurtsema
Subject: Helen

In the words of Eric Johnson......

The Spark that is in us all gives to Joy that unites..

God Bless you on your journey Helen

Posted: 4/12/00 9:30:28 PM
From: Barbara
Subject: Saturday Night Live

saturday night live did a spoof on blue oyster cult and at the end of it, on the screen they had a "in memory of" helen wheels

Posted: 4/12/00 9:31:27 PM
From: Barbara
Subject: missing you

God how we miss you.

Posted: 27/04/2000 00:06:11
From: Brizo
Subject: RE: missing you

Just dropping by. I was thinking of Helen and her loved ones a great deal over the last holiday week end...and my energies were directed to you again tonight. I think of you often.

Posted: 5/8/00 8:10:36 PM
From: Joe
Subject: Hi

Are you going to post more body builing photos of Helen?

Posted: 10/05/2000 14:32:57
From: HelenWheels.com
Subject: RE: Hi

We sure will be ! SOON!

Posted: 5/20/00 6:55:06 AM
From: Ronald

Life for me has taken a very sad turn since your passing, Helen. It's like the music stopped upon news of your death. I know you're in rock and roll heaven, and am comforted by the thought of you smoking joints with Joplin, or maybe being reunited with our old friend, Stiv Bators. Am looking forward to your memorial concert. You're always with me!

Posted: 6/19/00 1:42:57 PM
From: William
Subject: new cd"s

the latest on the new wheels cd is that it is scheduled to be released sometime in late august or early september. The 5 track cd to be issued by B.O.C. including the last track by Helen and static cling not found on the new helen wheels and the skeleton crew cd,should be out sometime in jan or feb. On 8/31 there will be a show at montys krown in Rochester with static cling and the Al beamen band (the last band Helen played with on New years eve). This will hopefully be the Upstate cd release party.
this show may be put back a couple of weeks if the cd is not available.


Posted: 13/06/2001 16:48:10
From: Helen fan
Subject: RE: new cd

5 track cd to be issued by B.O.C. ? Is this the tribute cd or something else?

Posted: 7/15/00 11:59:47 AM
From: sterling records
Subject: record order

dear sirs, I run a record agency in Stockholm, Sweden. I large institution wishes to aquire through my firm the following Architype cd 60106, two copies.
Please send urgently to Sterling, Jungfrugatan 26, 114 44 Stockholm, Sweden,
thank you
Bo Hyttner

Posted: 7/27/00 6:58:13 AM
From: Me
Subject: as you always did

Hey Baby:

Thanks for calling on my birthday. You never missed that call before, and your perfect record is still intact.

It meant so much to me. You knew just where to find me and who would answer the phone.

I miss you so much. So many times I find myself reaching for the phone to call and tell you what's going on. Everything's been so rough lately. I replay over and over in my head all the things you said to me. Sometimes that makes me feel better, sometimes it makes me feel so lonely.

But you called and gave me back any faith I might have lost of late.

I know you are still protecting my heart. She's helping too, and I know that your strength and guidance is helping her to know me. Please, stay close.

Thank you. I love you so much. See you soon.

Posted: 8/7/00 10:17:07 PM
From: someone
Subject: wishing you were here

So much has happened, I wish you were here. I wish I could talk to you right now.
Miss you so much

Posted: 9/7/00 12:05:09 PM
From: Vern Fetzer
Subject: Hi!

Wow, Helen, you look GREAT!

You're such an energetic person...it's really inspiring.


Posted: 9/22/00 2:19:20 AM
From: Anne
Subject: I'm remembering you, sis!

Helen, maybe cyberspace is in heaven. I know I love working with my writing and the computer's made it even more lucid. And it's also helped me with the editing.

I'm writing to let you know I'm engaged in my book, GORILLA PUBLICIST IN HEAT, and writing about the times we booked gigs in Westchester and I got the band totally lost on the way home. I'm emphasizing how talented you are, and what I learned in media relations from working with you!!!!

I send you and your family a lot of love, also to your webmaster.

purrrs from the family.

Posted: 07/05/2001 07:07:53
From: Ronald Binder
Subject: RE: I'm remembering you, sis!

Dear Anne,

I just posted birthday wishes to helen in heaven. Hope you and the family are well! There isn't a day that goes by that i do not stop to pray for her.

At the end of june, CBS will be rereleasing the BOC catalog so royalty checks will be coming in.
Take care and send everyone my best!
Ronald Binder at supercomictoon@msn.com

Posted: 11/11/00 7:15:55 PM
From: Michael Kerr
Subject: Helen

I am learning about you on this website. I'm sorry I didn't know you. I saw Blue Oyster Cult growing up. I'm sorry I didn't know I was listening to your words. It is clear that you are well loved.

Thank you for everything you did.


Posted: 1/16/01 10:05:59 PM
From: anne
Subject: one year

hey sweetie, we are working everyday to cope with missing you so much. all the love will never fade, tomorrow is a year and i have you with me all the time, everyday, and sometimes that brings me joy and sometimes a depth of sorrow i'd never imagined. thank you to all who have helped me SURVIVE this year. much love.

Posted: 1/22/01 9:00:12 AM
From: a friend
Subject: I cannot believe

I cannot believe it has been a year.
Helen so much has happened so much has changed, I know if you were here you could help explain it all to me. I wished I could pick up the phone and call you. You have been in my thoughts alot these last few days, and will always remain in my heart. I miss you.

Posted: 3/15/01 7:46:26 PM
From: Me again
Subject: Still here


I think about you every day and I pray for you and Peter and Annie and Dad and William and Beckers and Dave. How's Nana?

She's such a Pretty Girl, don't you think?

I wish I could talk to you and have you hear that boy sing. He'll be something someday, don't you think?

When I get my computer back I'll finish the letter to Annie. It's been a while, eh? Tell her to forgive me for the delay.

Hug The Master for me.

See you soon. I know you'll be there to greet me.

I love you so much.

P.S. Do you know now how much a part of me you are?

Posted: 09/04/2001 23:12:40
From: me
Subject: RE: Still here

someone far away loves you so deeply, look into your heart and find her once again. she talks to me often, she loves you baby

I love you too

Posted: 4/16/01 2:23:38 AM
From: Leighton
Subject: You've got some new company in heaven tonight (Pas

Helen, I'm writing to let you know that your friend or acquaintance Joey Ramone came up there tonight. I-- personally-- don't feel that it's a big loss that he died. But a lot of my friends (including all your's still on earth) are feeling extremely empty. I am here for them because I went through your passing last year, and felt lots of pains.

With Joey, I'm praying he discovers peace and acceptance for the positive missions of others. He wasn't very accepting of many other musicians or people, which seemed mind-blowing to me. He had an extremely successful recording career, and you haven't yet. However you always found the light in so many peoples' talents no matter how uncool they seemed.

I imagine there's a cyberspace in heaven. I think of the human evolution and what wonderful things have happened in this new century that you barely lived to see. I have a STAR TREK-like vision for humankind that we're going to evolve so strongly with technology, human passion and spirituality that we'll be able to communicate with all who live and who have died. And we'll KNOW that we're in communication with them.

I'm one of the few folks I know with a ton of hope. There are so many parts of this world where people are destructive. The bad part of this century is in the streets and in BIG business and government. Lots of cold-hearted people are intensifying negativity here on earth, Helen. Our President has taken steps to mess up relations with former enemies Russia and China despite the fact that predecessors from his own political party worked to achieve positive relations with them. Today the news reported that a Bronx police officer raped a woman. There's lots of other things, as well.

I wish all the elements of the earth would move positive together. Life isn't unfair, but people aren't very ambitious in the right sense of the word.

Teach the people in heaven about dreams and achieving them positively. That way if they come back to earth, they'll be properly motivated.

Posted: 4/20/01 10:33:33 PM
From: Kim Draheim
Subject: new cd

The new cd (Helen Wheels and the Skeleton Crew) has been finished for quite a while now. We are waiting to hear from a German record label to see if they want to issue. If not...we will get it out somehow. It is a killer! Any inquiries contact me at ked0917.

Posted: 5/7/01 6:58:09 AM
From: Ronald Binder

I'll never forget you, am still grieving over your passing. I rememberd how you loved strawberrys and champaign on your birthday and i'm sure you're having your heart's desire in your reward. rest well, darling. Every day I celebrate how you enriched my life!
Your friend, Ronald

Posted: 6/21/01 8:23:21 AM
From: John Swartz
Subject: "To Helen With Love" CD now available

As many of you may know, Albert Bouchard has been working over the past year to release a tribute CD to Helen. The album, "To Helen With Love", is now completed and will be in stores soon, or can be ordered at Cellsum.com. Here's some additional information on the CD (more at the website):

Cellsum Records is especially proud to offer To Helen With Love, featuring the first studio reunion of Buck Dharma, Albert and Joe Bouchard in two decades. Many other BÖC collaborators, rock legends and dear friends contributed heart and soul to this homage to a great talent: The Brain Surgeons, The Dictators, Sandy Roeser, Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper, Jack Secret, Jack Rigg, Crispin Cioe, Felice Rosser, Skeleton Crew, Tish and Snooky. All profits from this project will go to animal charities.

Posted: 6/26/01 10:58:33 AM
From: Ronald Binder

It was 25 years ago, June 18, 1976, that we first met, my darling Helen. It was at Club 82 on E. 4th St. at A Dictators show that I was first enchanted by you as we danced to "The Next Big Thing." I was a die hard BOC fan and I was so excited at meeting you, Sandy Pearlman, the Dictators and the guys fromPunk Magazine. They had immortalized me in Punk #3 as "Punk Of The Month" some weeks before.
I will never forget that night and your inspiring visage will forecer be in my heart. Take care, dear friend!

Posted: 6/26/01 8:00:20 PM
From: Bob A. Sita
Subject: When?

When was Helen's career active? Before or after the Wings song "Helen Wheels"? Email me. thanks

Posted: 6/26/01 8:00:38 PM
From: Bob A. Sita
Subject: When?

When was Helen's career active? Before or after the Wings song "Helen Wheels"? Email me. thanks

Posted: 29/06/2001 14:33:16
From: Kim Draheim
Subject: RE: When?

Helen was active in the NYC punk scene from mid-70s to mid-80s, retired after numerous burns, scrapes and injuries suffered at the hands of the music industry, and then I (her last guitarist / collaborator) talked her out of retirement, performing and recording mid-90s until her death in 2000. Helen was dubbed Helen Wheels by Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators somewhere around '75, give or take.

Posted: 10/10/2002 9:41:37 AM
From: Ronald Binder

I just wrote an article for a British Blue Oyster Cult fan site detailing my years with BOC and Helen.
Here is the link.

Posted: 10/17/2002 12:41:43 AM
From: honey
Subject: i planted 5 rose bushes... one for each decade

I know I missed "the day" for planting in your memory, but in the spring I planted 5 rose bushes while thinking of you, and your life cut short. The 3 in front of the house are doing great, but those in the back seem to need more sun. I'm thinking of where to transplant them to.

Whenever I get a compliment on the roses, I say "yes, they are lovely. I planted them in my cousin Helen's memory" and I remember back to Nana and Papa-dear's garden when we were small... long ago.


Posted: 26/10/2002 17:24:14
From: allan
Subject: RE: i planted 5 rose bushes... one for each decade

Dear Honey,
I'ts taken me a long time to go to this web site.I had it so good for all those years with Marci and Helen and the rest of the family that I try at times not to look back.It hurts too much.Thanks for the rose bushes,it is a perfect tribute.
Otherwise i'm fine.Rebecca turned 16 yesterday. She is smart, an A student,a real beauty and a very nice person.David is 12 and the same goes for him.I'm very

lucky to have Anne and Jim so close plus Peter shows up every 4 or 5 weeks.Hope all of your kids are o.k.

Love, Allan

Posted: 11/3/2002 9:31:13 AM
From: Ronald Binder

During his European tour with BDS, Joe Bouchard performed an acoustic version of Nosferatu. Fans in attendance loved it. Helen's songs are immortal.

Posted: 1/17/2003 8:44:33 AM
From: Ronald Binder
Subject: A SAD DAY

Today, I sadly remember the third anniversary of your untimely passing, my dear friend. My Friend Joe Strummer of the Clash recently left us and I am sure you are getting along famously with him in a rock and roll utopia.

Handsome Dick has a son now, Jake Blum. But not a day goes by that I do not hold you close in my heart.

A fan forever, love,

Posted: 1/25/2003 4:10:50 PM
From: Ronald Binder

At the BOC show last night on 1/24 at BB Kings in NYC, the cult played "Tattoo Vampire" during both sets and dedicated it to you, Helen Robbins.

The crowd loved it during the first set so much, the guys did it as an encore for the second show.

Sad to report, Joan, Sandy Pearlman's significent other with whom you were friends, passed away some months ago. She was kind to both of us and we will miss her.

Your music lives on forever!

Posted: 3/17/2003 10:14:06 AM
From: Ronald Binder

Greetings, Alan! Peter told me you have a new computer and visit this site so I want to use this board to send greetings to you and the family.
Very happy that you're doing well and my e mail address is posted if you want to contact me.
Helen is always in my thoughts and I miss her deeply.
Take care,
Ronald Binder

Posted: 05/04/2003 16:13:14
From: TiekBane

Hi, Ronald. I don't know you but I have a question: who are you and how did you get to do the incendiary introduction on 'Young, Loud & Snotty?'



P.S. If you aren't you, then ferget it.

Posted: 5/4/2003 3:49:53 AM
From: Anne Leighton
Subject: Hi Ron Binder and Hi everyone

I put Wheels in my essay for ANTHROPOLOGY OF SCIENCE/RELIGION/SUPERNATURAL tonight. I wrote about some personal stuff and also the doctor's treament.

I still have your plays and scripts and treatments, Ron. the workload these past two years has been really high, and I want to give you attention on everything. I WILL get to them.

Of course I'm still writing.

To Helen,
I miss you very much. You are so good.


Posted: 5/4/2003 10:00:57 AM
From: Ronald Binder

Every year I miss you more and more, my dearest Helen! I saw Peter at David Roter's memorial and we talked about how influential you still are. I will always hold you close in my heart. i wish you were here, I might not have turned as hateful if I could have spoken to you.
Now matter how evil I am i will always have your angelic visage to comfort me.


Posted: 6/5/2003 1:56:10 PM
From: Me
Subject: YOU

I still miss you so much. Why doesn't this pain lessen?

Posted: 12/10/2003 8:20:58 AM
From: Me
Subject: Site is back up!!

I'm so happy to see your website is back up again.

I still miss you everyday.

Posted: 12/24/2003 8:01:12 AM
From: Me
Subject: Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas, Wheels. I know you're enjoying the real celestial celebrations up there.

I miss you so much.

Hey, Peter did great on the SciFi show. I was/am so proud of him!!!

Posted: 3/31/2004 9:18:18 PM
From: friend
Subject: she did it again

Oh Helen, sure wish you were here! She did it again. Talk to her, please!!!!


Posted: 02/08/2004 15:36:52
Subject: RE: she did it again

hang in there

Posted: 19/08/2004 23:06:23
Subject: RE: she did it again

how can i hang in there, when something i loved so much is gone

Posted: 7/21/2004 9:15:19 PM
From: Ethan
Subject: looking back

cousin helen,

for the past few minutes i've been flipping through your site and really wishing you were still around. the stories you could have regalled me with, the life lessons i could have learned and just another friend i could have made, all would have been lovey parts of my life. i suppose that's the way life is though-gotta take what you can while you can. i do indeed miss you.


p.s.- rock on.

Posted: 8/2/2004 8:44:41 PM

how I would love to talk to you right now. Do you hear me when I talk to you at night? Do you hear the hurt and saddness in my voice? I miss her so terribly Helen, and there is nothing I can do. I have tried countless times emailing, and before the phone was switched calling. She said it was my fault, God knows it probably was; but do I not deserve a second chance as she was once given?
Helen if you can hear me, please get inside her head and heart and tell her how much she is loved.


I wrote her name in my heart and forever it will stay.

Posted: 8/2/2004 8:45:55 PM
Subject: forever it will stay

how I would love to talk to you right now. Do you hear me when I talk to you at night? Do you hear the hurt and saddness in my voice? I miss her so terribly Helen, and there is nothing I can do. I have tried countless times emailing, and before the phone was switched calling. She said it was my fault, God knows it probably was; but do I not deserve a second chance as she was once given?
Helen if you can hear me, please get inside her head and heart and tell her how much she is loved.


I wrote her name in my heart and forever it will stay.

Posted: 9/14/2004 6:25:40 PM
Subject: thinking of you


You were the only one she would listen to. Helen if you can hear me, please talk to her.

Posted: 10/19/2004 6:55:55 PM

its been 9 months today

its a very sad day today, helen

Posted: 11/4/2004 10:03:35 PM
Subject: just dont know anymore

I wish you could hear me. things just havent been going so well. health isnt to good, depressed a lot, things just dont seem to matter to me much anymore. I've lost so much. Helen I wished you were here right now. I wish I could talk to you other than in my prayers

Posted: 11/6/2004 3:08:57 AM
Subject: No Subject Entered

Posted: 08/11/2004 23:45:28
From: David
Subject: RE: No Subject Entered

Just ran across the obituary in an old magazine I had. Did a search on the internet. Read your message. Healing is out there, just included the link below out of concern. Not to endorse the place, but it had some good points. Would like to encourage you to ask God for help too. It may not seem like it, but Jesus knows your pain. My heart goes out to you in your loss.

Posted: 12/25/2004 4:30:40 PM
Subject: Merry Christmas Helen

Merry Christmas Helen

I believe your having a heavenly celebration.

Your in my thoughts,prayers,and my heart.

Merry Christmas ole friend

keep talking to her Helen

Posted: 4/24/2005 4:33:26 AM
From: tomas
Subject: biceps

hi helen, you the most beautiful woman in the world, and got the sexiest biceps, i love muscles on woman, can i ask what they measure?, i guess 13 inch, im a good guesser, lol

Posted: 6/28/2005 2:50:16 PM
From: mike
Subject: helen tape trades wanted

I was a big fan&friend of Helen's
and would love to find some tapes of her music.
I am especially looking for a tape with Top 10.
Heres my list.I hope someone can help.
I also have some helen pics posted at

Helen Wheels Band Village Gate 8/27/77 *
CBGB 1982 *
CBGB 6/18/82 *
Dirt 9/23/82 *
Dirt 10/31/82 *
Brooklyn Zoo 3/26/83 *
CBGB 5/1/83 *
CBGB 7/1/83 *
Meadowbrook 9/10/83 *
Underground 9/28/83 *
CBGB 10/21/83 *
School of Visual Arts, NYC 11/4/83 *
CBGB 12/24/83 *
Meadowbrook 1/1/84 *
CBGB 5/26/84 *

Posted: 7/1/2005 11:47:36 PM
Subject: No Subject Entered

Posted: 02/07/2005 01:53:50
From: DP Shepard
Subject: RE: A Fond Memory

Seconds ago, this site sparked a a fond memory of Helen. It was in Ithaca, N Y, a few years ago. A good friend and I drove down from the 1000 Islands area of New York State to see tBS and Static Cling at The Haunt. After checking out the local scene on the Commons with Peter Bohevesky, we were treated to a great show and visit with Helen. Between sets, we talked with Helen and had a great time! She is missed.

It's great to see you honored here, Helen, and thank you for taking the time to chat with us. There was always the danger of sounding like the awestruck and insecure SNL Chris Farley character: (Me: "Do you remember when you wrote Tatoo Vampire? That was pretty cool, wasn't it? ") Thanks for the memory, Helen, and thanks to those responsible for this site.

Posted: 7/6/2005 4:53:26 PM
From: ElaineBrown
Subject: Where is Peter (Robbins)

Peter -please E-mail if you visit this site from time to time-For Helen's N.Y. friends there was no closure as we had no access to info of her memorial service-Of course I do have special memories some that go back 32 years (when I lived on Bowery and Helen was slightly further uptown)and more-Hempstead Lake State Park and Helen on her Zither like instrument.Love from Elaine

Posted: 7/6/2005 11:01:56 PM
From: DB
Subject: Helen's close friend, Mariah has passed

I recently heard the very sad news that Helen's close friend, Mariah Aguiar has passed (June 29th, 2005). May Helen welcome her home and reunite on the "other side".

Thank God for cool women like you babes, it was an honor to be your friend and a privilege to have known both of you.

The pain of loss only touches the survivors, and you my dears are free from this.

"We will live again, we will live again", the song keeps rolling in my head as a video plays in my brain of Mariah and Helen, smiling, laughing and loving (in Nirvana ).

Blessed Be

Posted: 7/30/2005 12:09:20 AM
From: Sesu Coleman
Subject: Magic Tramps-Eric Emerson

Greetings -I want to say this site is very cool & I played drums with Eric Emerson & the Magic Tramps 70-75
Tatoo Vampire was written about Helen's experience with Eric getting a tatoo.
I knew Helen in the NYC music scene & she was a very cool & thoughtful girl.
I have a new website that features her in the "Cast" page.Please check it out .
I would love to link up with this site if possible.

Posted: 30/07/2005 09:54:37
From: helenwheels.com
Subject: RE: Magic Tramps-Eric Emerson

Checked out the site and have placed a link for magictramps.com

Great little article, Helen would have liked that.


Posted: 03/08/2005 00:27:09
From: Sesu Tramp
Subject: RE: Magic Tramps-Eric Emerson

Thank you for the link and kind words --Eric would have been pleased also...
long live R&R

Posted: 8/19/2005 1:07:30 AM
Subject: MARIAH



Posted: 19/08/2005 18:24:33
From: AumCreations
Subject: RE: MARIAH

Yes, it was very sad news. I had met Mariah once, when Helen was in the hospital. She seemed like a very nice person, and she will be missed. She is with Helen now, and I bet they are having one Heck of a time!!

Webmaster of HelenWheels.com

Posted: 10/18/2005 8:49:22 PM
Subject: I've tired


How I have tried. nothing seems to work. I am so tired of trying. I guess it is useless. I give up Helen,I just give up. there is nothing more I can do or say.

Maybe you are tired of trying too.

Hey, remember the song "Useless"

Posted: 12/22/2005 10:13:10 PM
From: helenwheels.com
Subject: Merry Christmas

To all of Helen Wheels friends

May you all have a wonderfully joyous Christmas and a bright and properous New Year

Posted: 12/24/2005 1:01:31 AM
From: mike
Subject: Merry Christmas Helen!!

Helen, it still hurts. You were a big inspiration to me to become a musician with your encouraging words, and I'll never forget you. I've turned a lot of BOC fans on to the live tapes I used to make, and I miss you still.
Love always, Mike

PS Peter gimme a call:) Love you guys!!!!